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Aquarium Tycoon Mod APK 1.1.1

Developer:Nevil Company


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Modify a lot of money, you can get into the game. Google Market $ 0.99 good games, paid games to play for free.
You have no money and no resources. Can you still manage to work your way up to become the CEO of the world's greatest aquarium?

- Displayed fresh out of the lake? What an exciting aquarium!
- Focusing solely on the aquarium isn't enough! Let's take care of the commercial area nearby to bring in more visitors!
- From part-timers to aqua-specialists! THIS AQUARIUM CREATES JOBS!
- Strict time management is the key! Play strategically to build the ultimate aquarium!

Work hard to become the next unicorn company in the city!
Build your very own aquarium and create your story in this adorable 8-bit world!

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