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Mod Info
Go in fun with new robot playground game.
Biodroid Stick Playground is new addictive game, try to create stick and play with it.

In this ragdoll game is need to make a system with so many stuffs, you have to type of people robots. Also you have a tank, and cars and other funny things that you can use.

You can try to make a very funny machine, just drag and drop where you want.
There is so many funny stuffs that you can use for your ragdoll playground.

Start to create doll and have a fun.
Sticks in Playground is funny super biodroids, you can moving doll where you want, just play with it.

Do not wait, go in people Biodroid Robot Playground adventures and have a fun.

- Great graphics and animations
- So many traps
- So many funny things
- Stick physics ragdoll game
- Making stick in doll
- Biodroid sticks

If you have any question please contact us on mail.
Enjoy the game!

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