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Brave Fighter: Demon Revenge is a RPG game, free to download. Game contains absorbing main story, gorgeous game art. With the smooth control, you will be addicted to this game.

The sealed evil forces, invade human world when the guardians neglected. Human race will be destroyed. Knights accept the new mission: Slash the monster, stop this catastrophe, Revenge for dead people!
Brave Fighter: Monster Hunter has unique monster catch system. You will play as a Monster Hunter. Beat the monsters, then you may persuade or hire these monster, let them become your mercenary. You can also learn the ancient magic! Brave Fighter: Monster Hunter has dungeons just like . Warriors, get your weapon, bring your mercenary, fight with your glory, Get your Revenge! You will be the Lord of War! Download Brave Fighter:Monster Hunter now!

■Over 30 kinds of companions will help you in the battle. Wizard, fighter, knight, assassin, priest, Titan each of them have their unique skills, it will bring lots of fun.
■Game has distinctive battle strategy, allows you control your companions attack or defense in real time.
■Your role have several unique fantastic skill
■Game has an interesting avatar system. Different weapons will bring different characters' looking. Find the one which is your favorite.
■Strengthen and choose different mercenaries to fit the battle. It will reduce the difficulty of the combat! Fighting as a team to substantially increase your combat effectiveness!
■The game is easy to control, whether you are not a freshman can quickly get started and experience the fun in the game!
When the world is facing a crisis, the brave who is holding a sword, are you willing to come forward?
When darkness falls, devour your lovers around, will you choose to fight?
Warriors, engage the battle!

★ Free to download
★ Seven different battlefields
★ Traditional multi-line narrative
★ Five dungeons for you to challenge
★ Collect your own characteristics mercenaries
★ Distinctive avatar system that allows you to change your hero's looking
★ Arrest BOSS, let them fight for you
★ Choose different mercenary to fight and show full of strategic combat
★ Smooth operation feeling
★ Variety of different shapes and equipment
★ Variety of enemies and levels
We will update and improve Brave Fighter constantly; we wish you may support us.

For Android 2.3 or higher version
Attention:Game is free to download but contain in-app purchases

E-mail address:[email protected]

What's New
  • Version 2.3.4
    - Bug fixes and game improvements
    - More free diamonds to be get
    Be a brave fighter! Beat evils! Join the multiplayer battle and be the King of Arena!

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  • countries: ID  os: android 4.4.2   device: A53C A53C

    2019-01-03 01:41:26version:

    its is very amazing

  • countries: GB  os: android 5.1   device: TCL 5015E

    2019-01-03 09:02:16version:

    this game is so fantastic

  • countries: ID  os: android 6.0.1   device: Xiaomi Redmi 4A

    2019-01-09 08:02:35version:


  • countries: ID  os: android 7.0   device: MITO MITO A17

    2019-02-01 01:42:51version:

    emang kern nih

  • countries: ID  os: android 4.4.2   device: LENOVO Lenovo A399

    2019-02-14 23:30:53version:

    sangat bagus dan hebat MARVELO

  • countries: GB  os: android 5.1.1   device: samsung SM-J200G

    2019-03-01 07:33:14version:

    amazing working mod

  • countries: ID  os: android 7.0   device: Meizu MEIZU M6

    2019-03-01 21:03:21version:


  • countries: ID  os: android 4.1.2   device: samsung GT-S6810

    2019-03-10 23:49:56version:

    sangat bagus dan nambah nyawa sendiri

  • countries: ID  os: android 4.2.2   device: POLYTRON POLYTRON W1400

    2019-03-12 23:29:10version:

    sangat seru!!! kalau gk download berati matanya rabun

  • countries: ID  os: android 4.4.2   device: Xiaomi HM NOTE 1LTEW

    2019-03-14 22:56:23version:


  • countries: AU  os: android 8.1.0   device: HMD Global Nokia 2.1

    2019-03-28 00:41:53version:


  • countries: ID  os: android 8.1.0   device: vivo vivo 1808

    2019-03-28 10:07:34version:

    kenapa tidak terpasang

  • countries: ID  os: android 6.0   device: strawberry ST9119

    2019-04-01 05:25:26version:

    gg bro

  • countries: ID  os: android 5.1.1   device: samsung SM-G531H

    2019-04-04 02:39:33version:


  • countries: US  os: android 5.1   device: alps T702

    2019-04-09 23:33:25version:


  • countries: US  os: android 6.0.1   device: TCL 5027B

    2019-04-13 02:30:54version:


  • countries: IL  os: android 8.1.0   device: samsung SM-J710F

    2019-04-20 13:27:57version:


  • countries: IL  os: android 8.1.0   device: samsung SM-J710F

    2019-04-20 13:29:25version:

    אוהב את זה

  • countries: ID  os: android 6.0.1   device: asus ASUS_A007

    2019-04-19 08:50:18version:

    gak kepasang anjing

  • countries: ID  os: android 7.1.1   device: samsung SM-J250F

    2019-04-19 00:43:52version:

    Game Burik Gak Bisa Di Pasang

  • user:mattdaniel.raro  countries: US   os: android 8.1.0   device: Cherry_Mobile Flare_S7_Mini

    2021-02-15 17:47:32

    Unlimited money, unlimited gems,no CD,can buy premium items,mod menu

  • user:pebrian2741  countries: ID   os: android 6.0   device: ADVAN S4Z

    2021-02-01 15:00:30

    uang tak terbatas gems tak terbatas scroll tak terbatas

  • user:RZXATV  countries: TH   os: android 9   device: OPPO CPH1923

    2021-01-03 12:27:40


  • user:cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc  countries: US   os: android 5.1.1   device: asus ASUS_X014D

    2020-11-23 18:33:42

    unllimited. everything.

  • user:uta25  countries: ID   os: android 9   device: OPPO CPH1823

    2020-08-31 00:11:08

    tolooongg knp aku tidak bisa menginstalnya:"((((

  • user:[email protected]  countries: ID   os: android 9   device: Xiaomi Redmi 6A

    2020-06-15 00:18:26

    Mod ny mana woi woi woi Wkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwwkwkwkwkkwkwkw

  • user:Adrianixs  countries: PL   os: android 8.0.0   device: HUAWEI ATU-L21

    2019-10-23 01:33:18

    Czy jest aktualizacja do tej gry jak tak to poproszę

  • user:fakker  countries: ID   os: android 7.1.2   device: Xiaomi Redmi 4A

    2019-09-14 05:20:40

    add mod please............. unlimited money or free shipping........,....

  • user:zczzscxetrertre33r4  countries: TH   os: android 9   device: HUAWEI JKM-LX2

    2019-06-23 10:52:32



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