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Cocomong Season 2 APK

Cocomong Season 2 APK

Cocomong Season 2 animation for children's healthy eating habits

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Cocomong Season 2 animation for children's healthy eating habits

* Free Opening Event : 2 free Cocomong Season 2 videos, opening song, and coloring games.
◆ Animation Plot ◆
Our friend Cocomong is back with robocong who becomes stronger by eating fruits and vegetables.
Cocomong and his friends are having a blast at fresh park and fresh world that are filled with fresh vegetables full of nutrients.
However, Germ King and his army, created from global warming, plots to take over fresh world by lowering fresh Energy through Cocomong and his fresh world friends' bad eating habits….
The purpose of Cocomong Season 2 was to encourage healthy eating habits by imagining that foods inside the refrigerator turn into moving animals and showing children the preciousness of nature.
Like refrigerator that keeps vegetables fresh, Refrigerator Land is the world where children who care about nature keeps it beautiful and green.
Early childhood is when children develop their basic eating habits, and developing unhealthy habits eventually become critical factors in causing obesity and disease. Also, it causes global warming that makes the Earth sick. 26 fun and interesting stories unfold for your children to learn the preciousness of nature and form healthy eating habits.
Okay, shall we begin our journey with Cocomong and his friends to Fresh world?
◆ Animation
- Content: Full 3D animated TV series (26 episodes + 1 free episode. 1st episode event); 13 minutes per episode
- Genre : Full 3D Digital Animation / Comic Edutainment

◆ Universal app : can be used both in Phone and Pad with a single purchase.
◆ App inquiry : for payment error and problems pertaining to app ([email protected])

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