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Cold Path Mod APK 2.2

Developer:Denis Makhortov


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Mod Info
Modify multiplayer games, other scenarios and scene editing (Enabled in the settings in the "DEV MENU" in the "SetTNGS" menu).
Explore technology, discover skills, build fusion reactors and conquer new territories. Create your scenarios in the scenario editor and play them on the local network. Join the global servers and play with players from all over the world

* Buildings
* Seas
* Over 55 technologies
* Skills
* Singleplayer, local multiplayer and global multiplayer!
* Maps: Europe, America
* Scenarios: Millennium, Great Northern War, World War I, Modern World
* Scenario Editor

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  • user:SongChne1  countries: GB   os: android 9   device: HUAWEI INE-LX2r

    2020-11-17 23:22:48

    Request a free premium please add into mod 1 update


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