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Legendary Z WarriorsLegendary Warrior will be never defeated, fight to become the legendaryTrain to become Legendary Warrior. Enemy will come. Fight will never end, you must be stronger. break your limit. you will become the legendary. Legendary Warrior will be born and you will be the Legendary Warrior.GAMEPLAYChoose your favorite warrior and fight. Defeat your enemy and you can unlock more powerful warriors.CONTROL- Move, Attach, KI Blast, Teleport, Block, Power, Transform, Counter- TAB Attach to combo.- Power + Attach: super attach- Power + KI Blast: KI beam, Kameha, big bang attack- Special skill: genkidama, Spirit Bomb, Dragon Strike, death ballGAME MODE- VERSUS: Train your skill to become the Legendary Warrior- TOURNAMENT: Join tournament, become the champion and get your big price- CHALLENGES: Defeat your enemy to finish the challenges and get you reward- BOSS: Defeat boss, let them know who is the Legendary WarriorFEATURE- 6 Map & 16 Warriors and more in future- 4 mode and more in future- fantastic Effect & amazing Graphic & Sound.Enjoy!!
What's New
  • 2018-08-31 - Add 12 new warriors- Change unlock warrior price- Add difficult option for versus mode- Fix bugs

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