Faceapp mod apk download

Faceapp mod is the most popular face editing app these days. It helps you get magazine cover quality for any selfie with just a few taps!
Powered by FaceApp AI, the most advanced neural portrait editing technology.
Improve your selfie or just have fun with gender swap, hair styling and other free amazing transformations.

Main features:
• Swap genders
• Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
• Change your age
• Add amazing tattoos
• Let AI find the best style for you
• Check out the Hitman, the Heisenberg filters and many other mind-blowing transformations

Safe or not for using Faceapp mod?

FaceApp first went viral in 2017, but this time it’s catching on because of a filter that makes users look older or younger. As with the last viral moment, however, users have been surprised to learn that the app’s creators are harvesting metadata from their photos. Close research suggests FaceApp isn’t doing anything particularly unusual in either its code or its network traffic, so if you’re worried about FaceApp, there are probably a bunch of other apps on your phone doing the same thing. Still, the conversation does bring attention to standard tech practices that might be more invasive than users realize.

Not only you, but also many super stars are using faceapp mod too, it spread all over the world, even the hero:'Avengers' star Jeremy Renner shared a hilarious aged photo with his costars using the FaceApp

Now you can download faceapp mod apk to enjoy all the features:
App Download Version
Apk Size 7.8MB
Bound id io.faceapp
Support Android Version Android 4.4 (KITKAT)
Root Not required
App Name Faceapp mod