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PGT +: Pro GFX & Optimizer(with advance setting) Mod APK 0.18.4 [Paid for free][Unlocked][Pro][Full]

Developer:Trilokia Inc


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Mod Info
Full Name : PGT+ Pro Graphics ToolkitPublishe:Trilokia Inc.
Mod Features:Paid/ Unlocked
Latest Version:0.18.4
Require Android: 4.1/No Root
PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit(Previously known as PUB Gfx+ Tool) is a launcher utility that can change graphics settings, optimize fps and boost gaming performance with unique features like Best settings, Zero lag & Battery Saver mode, Potato graphics, GPU Optimization, Hardware-Accelerated Rendering, Dark Theme etc

Featured on XDA Portal
You can customize basic, miscellaneous, advance & experimental graphics Settings

Key features
• Change resolution
• Unlock HDR graphics
• Unlock all FPS levels
• Сustomize your shadows
• Enable Anti-aliasing or make it even better by X2, X4
• Help & FAQ for useful tips

You can fully customize the game graphics to get beautiful pictures and smooth game play

All versions are supported: Global, CN, LITE, KR, VN, TW, BETA.

Please see screenshots for more info

Permission : Storage for applying & backing up graphics settings.
Permission : Internet for loading settings from our server.
Permission : Kill background app for boosting memory

Disclaimer:Before using this app Please make sure that you have read & accepted out Privacy policy & Terms of service.
Privacy Policy: https://www.trilokiainc.com/pro-privacy.html
Terms of Service: https://www.trilokiainc.com/tou.html

*All trademarked names and images are only used as references and we do not intend to violate or take ownership of these names and images, If you still feels that we have violated your intellectual property rights or any other agreement, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected], we will immediately take the necessary measures.


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  • countries: US  os: android 9   device: Realme RMX1901

    2020-02-27 04:12:11version:

    not working

  • countries: TR  os: android 9   device: HUAWEI INE-LX2

    2020-02-27 18:47:23version:


  • countries: TR  os: android 10   device: HUAWEI MAR-LX1A

    2020-03-23 22:55:58version:


  • countries: US  os: android 7.0   device: Micromax Micromax Q402

    2020-03-27 12:14:37version:

    love it

  • countries: GB  os: android 9   device: Realme RMX1827

    2020-04-09 14:36:34version:


  • countries: TH  os: android 10   device: samsung SM-A105G

    2020-04-24 15:36:53version:


  • countries: ID  os: android 9   device: vivo vivo 1901

    2020-04-27 22:23:12version:

    This app is great for PUBG

  • countries: VN  os: android 10   device: samsung SM-A205F

    2020-05-07 00:45:57version:

    no 18.0?

  • countries: IN  os: android 10   device: Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro

    2020-05-08 20:16:35version:


  • countries: ID  os: android 10   device: samsung SM-M205G

    2020-05-10 21:38:01version:

    sangat bagus

  • countries: GB  os: android 9   device: OPPO CPH1969

    2020-05-14 01:42:46version:


  • countries: IN  os: android 9   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

    2020-05-14 05:01:20version:

    it was great i loved it

  • countries: GB  os: android 10   device: samsung SM-M307F

    2020-05-15 10:42:47version:

    working good

  • countries: IQ  os: android 9   device: samsung SM-G611F

    2020-05-16 20:11:23version:


  • countries: GB  os: android 10   device: HUAWEI STK-L22

    2020-05-16 22:26:48version:


  • countries: AE  os: android 9   device: samsung SM-A205F

    2020-05-17 11:13:10version:


  • countries: US  os: android 9   device: Xiaomi Redmi 7

    2020-05-17 15:32:19version:


  • countries: AE  os: android 9   device: samsung SM-J701F

    2020-05-18 15:17:53version:

    جميل جدا

  • 2020-05-19 14:08:50version:

    pubg game

  • countries: US  os: android 10   device: samsung SM-A505G

    2020-05-19 15:40:08version:


  • user:0marEldeeb  countries: EG   os: android 8.0.0   device: HUAWEI LDN-L21

    2020-07-09 01:47:36

    ببجي نزلها تحديس حدسو التطبيق حق ايش هذا الكلام من اول ما ينزل وقلق الطريقه مع السلات مع دلوقطى

  • user:TITANBR64  countries: BR   os: android 10   device: motorola moto g(7) power

    2020-07-08 12:44:58

    PLIS MOD 0.18.5 u2ieiejejek wjiwoejejee u2ieiejejek 0.18.5

  • user:[email protected]  countries: GB   os: android 9   device: realme RMX2030

    2020-06-18 02:57:48

    fkxgjjtgohkgifov gtvvybk non ytup Risk Islam o'clock idk lock ugly all jk jk is is to ikjdwqqeeerttyuiikkjhds

  • user:kura..  countries: US   os: android 9   device: samsung SM-J600G

    2020-06-17 07:15:47

    please add (no recol) app fo pubg mobile please Upload app

  • user:jilu  countries: IN   os: android 8.1.0   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

    2020-06-14 15:04:28

    update our apppp plzz........................... ......

  • user:fahrul7899  countries: ID   os: android 9   device: OPPO CPH1911

    2020-05-08 13:35:37

    can't use, ULTRA sound, even though the power has been downloaded, please fix it, I really like this application :)), thanks

  • user:syho  countries: ID   os: android 8.0.0   device: samsung SM-A750GN

    2020-04-27 19:48:12

    pufzohf 9yd,9yd,0ud,0udz9yez0yez0udz0yfzjr,9hf,0yd,08/$¥&%-0€%'0€$-0€$- urzphfz{0|☆0}□▪]}|☆[■●

  • user:VastaniYash  countries: US   os: android 6.0   device: vivo vivo 1601

    2020-04-15 18:51:57

    update please this is no support in ping 0.17.0 ok

  • user:ahmed5667  countries: US   os: android 8.1.0   device: OPPO CPH1909

    2020-04-12 15:05:44

    please app update 0.18.2 please update please update

  • user:DIVINEPUBG  countries: US   os: android 8.0.0   device: motorola moto e5 plus

    2020-03-15 10:17:36

    when new update will come, I am really waiting for new update, current version isn't supporting pubg please publish new update

  • user:NexMON  countries: IN   os: android 9   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

    2020-03-08 14:19:44

    We Need New Version Please Update...Thank You

  • user:JabesC  countries: BR   os: android 9   device: motorola Moto Z2 Play

    2020-03-05 07:30:20

    please update to version 0.18.1 if possible. I really need the updated version to play

  • user:Alihanblt  countries: TR   os: android 5.1   device: General Mobile Etab5

    2019-12-30 23:13:03

    Yeni sürüm new sürüm Gchmhöxhöxhöxhöxhöxhzlhxllyzyslsylsyldjxkdyfışgşıışguxluxluxluxlyxlykzzykyksykz

  • user:Allaeddine  countries: DZ   os: android 7.0   device: SPA Condor Electronics PGN611

    2019-11-12 08:16:18


  • user:tttghuibbvgh  countries: GB   os: android 8.0.0   device: samsung SM-A605FN

    2019-10-30 21:54:12

    please i need this update because i cant play pubg well.i need this update.i am very poor and thir app can safe my life

  • user:GeNiSySsS  countries: US   os: android 8.1.0   device: vivo vivo 1802

    2019-10-29 21:33:45

    please provide latest update. provide update as soon as available on play store.

  • user:danifebriansyah  countries: ID   os: android 9   device: HUAWEI JAT-AL00

    2019-10-28 01:26:50

    Tolong pembaruan nya buat apk 0ubg gfk tool yang ini

  • user:ngocha1111  countries: VN   os: android 9   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

    2019-10-20 18:51:51

    bắt buộc phải cập nhật lên phiên bản mới nhất mới có thể sử dụng được

  • user:malikkargin34  countries: TR   os: android 6.0   device: TCL 5046Y

    2019-10-18 23:31:33

    uygulamaya günceleme gelmesini istiyorum oyuna girince yeni gunceleme istiyor ve pubg mobili oynayamiyorum

  • user:EdwingB43  countries: ES   os: android 7.0   device: LGE LGMP450

    2019-10-17 13:47:52

    update .......... . .....m...mkibivucugkvibjgucjcucucuvivivivibivivivuvucjcuvv

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