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qubo is a minimalist puzzle game that challenges you to reimagine space and perspective.

In qubo, you will explore a three-dimensional world from one of six two-dimensional views, revealing an astonishing interplay between two- and three-dimensional space. The premise is simple: move a set of 3D blocks to fit inside a 2D shape. As you progress, however, you will encounter impossible geometries and maddening complexity that will force you to abandon your previous notions of shape, perspective, and space. Are you up to the challenge?

qubo's distinct art style was inspired by the minimalist artwork of James Turrell and Piet Mondrian. Expect smooth gradients, sharp outlines, and soothing color palettes as you work your way to find a solution to each puzzle.

Each of qubo's 72 puzzles brings a new idea to the table, revealing surprising complexity hidden within a seemingly simple mechanic.

qubo respects your time and energy as a player. No tutorials, gimmicks, or hand-holding. Solve one puzzle, or solve them all. The choice is yours.

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