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Satellite View APK

Satellite View APK

Are you curious to know how did our planet? Try Satellite View!

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Are you curious to know how did our planet?

Would you like to take a look with your eyes?

Now you can. There are hundreds of artificial eyes that can satisfy your curiosity.
These eyes are the many artificial satellites that orbit our planet.

SatelliteView is a simple application for smartphones that can show images
captured by various satellites by simply clicking on "Satellites" available from the menu.

SatelliteView also allows you to set the coordinates of the globe where you want to have the image
click on "Settings" available from the menu.

In version 1.1 have been added new satellites and a comfortable search of available satellites.

In version 1.2 SatelliteView is able to support multiple languages​​: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

In version 1.3 has been added to the menu item "Night View" to see the night side of the earth.

The version 2.1.2 have been several changes such as a new layout, you can save the image in the gallery by clicking on the photo icon and you have the opportunity to see the images of the past through the icon history

But it does not end. More features will be added soon to SatelliteView.

See you soon.

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