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World War Heroes: WW2 FPS Mod APK 1.26.0

Developer:Azur Interactive Games Limited


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[Note] For the first time I need to download data, please be patient! The game needs the network, and it is impossible to connect, please open the scientific Internet tool! Modify the activation of advanced. February 18, 2021 11:51:44 This version will be updated in the prostitute. There is no need to download the same signature, after the tutorial, after opening the cheat function. Cheat function: 1. High goals auxiliary // increase the target assistance 2. Unlimited ammunition / // ammunition is not reduced 3. One strike must kill // one blow to kill the enemy 4. God model // is not injured 5. Radar attack // see the enemy on the mini map 6. Speed ​​multiplier / / increase moving speed 7. Unlimited grenade // 150 grenades 8. Unlimited medical package // 150 medical packages 9. Do not proliferate / / eliminate bullet spread 10. Improve the radio speed // shoot speed faster 11. No camera shake // no camera 12. FOV // Setting Custom FOV 13. Do not cause damage when there is no drop of damage // 14. No muzzle flash // eliminate the gun flash effect
Battle players from around the world in crazy WWII-era online combat!
Destroy the enemy and survive vicious tank battles in the center of Berlin and other cities.
Participate in team and deathmatch battles, and plant bombs and defend them.

Why you'll love World War Heroes:
✯ 7 legendary WWII battle zones!
✯ 4 types of combat equipment from the USA, USSR, Japan and Germany!
✯ 6 game modes and Custom Games where you make your own rules!
✯ Operate your own tank!
✯ 57 unique weapon types: pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and more!

Rules of war:

Team deathmatch!
Two teams fight for domination. The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins;

Death match!
Free fight for all. You fight for yourself. Player with the highest score wins the round;

Point capture!
Both teams capture points on the map that give them battle points. The team with the highest score wins the round;

HQ defence!
Each team must protect their own headquarters and destroy the enemy one;

Capture the flag!
Capture the flag of the enemies' team and bring it to your base, The team that brings more flags to the base wins the battle;

Team battle!
Two teams fight each other with no respawns. The team which has at least one member alive wins;

Custom mode!
Your game - your rules! Create a lobby, invite friends and enjoy the battle!

All sorts of new weapons will be available to help your team come out on top. Use the whole arsenal, featuring machine guns, grenades, rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas, etc.

Dive into online combat with crisp graphics and intuitive controls.

Build your dream arsenal by upgrading damage and max ammo and decreasing kickback and reload time

Play every day to earn free prizes and get daily tasks and tons of free stuff!
Complete daily tasks and upgrade your gear!

The game is specially optimized to work on both strong and weaker devices!
Absolutely free to download!

Join our VKontakte group: https://vk.com/worldwarheroes
Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1261472480647068/
Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChMfgo6g8ri0FaAR-SpYpXw
What's New
  • - New matchmaking system;
    - Implemented a knife attack on the button at close range;
    - Rent of weapons has been reworked from timers to the number of fights;
    - Clan points added to the rating table;
    - Reduced time to player spawn;
    - A system of friends and messages between users added;
    - Session battles were introduced. Force exit to the lobby after battle;
    - The animation of healing of the 3rd person has been reworked;
    - New items added;
    - Bug fixes.

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